GSM Install a Giant Monopoly Board on Trafalgar Square, London

On Friday 1st April 2016 the GSM (Green Street Media) team were very busy installing a giant Monopoly board in the middle of Trafalgar square.

Green Street Media created a 15m x 15m giant Monopoly board to celebrate the London Games Festival which runs in London from the 1st 10th April 2016. The board itself was customised so that the properties round the edge told the history of video games in the United Kingdom.

The giant Monopoly board was printed onto anti-slip floor vinyl, then stuck to the stone floor on Trafalgar Square on the morning of Friday 1st April 2016 by the GSM team.

The giant board game celebrated the British gaming heritage and history. It gave people lucky enough to see it the opportunity to learn more about the history of video games in the UK. Using the London Games Festival official app (Digital Dice) anyone could place a game on the life size Monopoly board. Or if this was a little to much, many people got a selfie with the life size playing pieces (the cat and the racing car) and/or massive dice that were placed on top of the board.

The giant Monopoly board at Trafalar Square, London was installed on Friday 1st April and was available to the public to play, interact and enjoy on the 2nd and 3rd April between 10am and 6pm. The whole project was a great success and brought a great deal of publicity for the London Games Festival.

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