Is Your Brand Taking Advantage of the 3D Street Art Phenomenon?

Marketing can be a tough old grind at times. As you will no doubt be well aware through your own efforts, it seems you just start to get ahead of the pack before the game changes once again and you have to realign your whole strategy. Although we all love these challenges and the ever evolving marketing landscape, getting ahead of your competitors can be easier said than done.

Those familiar with Green Street Media and all that we offer will know that we are a highly innovative company based in Sheffield, offering a wide range of clean advertising solutions which could propel your brand. As such, the concept of 3D street art is one that is very close to our hearts.

With this in mind we have brought you this feature on just why people are embracing 3D street art and how you could leverage with to great effect through your organisation’s social media campaigns.

Stand Out with The Latest 3D Street Art Technology

Street marketing is all about impact and making an instant impression and nothing quite does that like high quality, well designed and expertly implemented 3D street art. With the 16-24 demographic constantly on the move and having little time to read and digest wordy adverts these days, the instant efficacy of advertising of this nature really puts it head and shoulders above many other disciplines. Back this up with a pragmatic social media campaign and you really have yourself a concept that could go viral and catapult your brand in front of millions of potential sales.

Pick Your Location Wisely

Of course, 3D street art is an urban phenomenon and for good reason. By picking an area of land that isn’t going to get you locked up for trespassing or graffiti and applying some convincing, original and striking street art and you will surely be on to a winner. There is most likely no point in doing this in your local village, unless the project calls for such an environment.

One of the most popular locations for 3D street art is in shopping centres, as this

If you are unsure about the rules and regulations surrounding any aspect of sustainable pavement advertising, then the team here at Green Street Media are here to help.  We have been the UK’s pioneers when it comes to this sort of marketing for years and will be able to help you formulate a strategy that really works for your brand.

Assist Your Social Media Campaigns with 3D Street Art

This all sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it. To an extent that is true, but like many things it is all in the planning and execution. Deal with mediocre artists and try to cut corners with your equipment and staff and you are likely to come unstuck, but get it right and ensure all your social media channels are singing from the same hymn sheet and success should be just around the corner.

So, how do you get your 3D street art campaign to go viral? We hear you cry! Well, first and foremost it is all in the concept and idea. You could have Salvador Dali doing your artwork and Donald Draper planning out your adverts, but if your idea doesn’t cut the mustard then it will all just end up being a damp squib. Ensure your product is useful and interesting and make sure you have researched the hell out of your demographic in order to determine exactly what it that they want.

Once you have done this you can set about briefing your artist and of course the experts here at Green Street Media, to get your 3D street art deployed. Then you can start thinking about the best way to plug your revolutionary idea through all of your well followed social media outlets.

You will have established all of your messaging and time slots for your adverts through your demographic research so the rest is really rather easy. Use your software of choice to schedule your posts and remember, this is all about your amazing artwork and how fantastic it looks at your chosen location. If this is of sufficient calibre, which it will be if you have used our technology and a great artists, then you should not have to plug your brand too much and potentially scare customers away. If they are blown away by your 3D street art then they will do their research into your company and hey presto, you have a social media campaign on your hands.

Do Not Link Your Social Media Profiles

With all of the aforementioned research and planning in place, a superb graphic and the latest in 3D Street art utilised, you should not be able to go wrong if you have selected the right location. One big no-no that we always tell our customers here at Green Street Media though, is linking up your social media pages – just please, do not do this.

We are sure you don’t need us to tell you this, but each of your social followings will represent different demographics and particularly genders and ages so think about each one carefully and select amazing messaging for each one. As well as each audience responding to different tones and styles, people will not respond well to lazy marketing and you should be treating every share of your top notch 3D street art with its own individual bit of love and care.

So there you have it, the Green Street Media guide to how your brand can sculpt and incredible viral social media campaign using the latest technology in 3D street art. We hope you enjoyed it and you can call us any time on 0114 321 1404 if you want to learn more about sustainable pavement advertising!


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