Formula E 2017

Mexico City ePrix

The live experience agency CSM Live (formally Icon) got in touch with Green Street Media regarding Temporary Paint. Prior to this first conversation about Formula E, Green Street Media had worked with CSM Live on a number of different projects. These included the Temporary Painted adverts at The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Moss Art for the London 2012 Olympics.

CSM Live needed a solution in which they could temporarily brand the race tracks for the FIA Formula E races. Some of the tracks used during the Formula E series are on public roads in the city centres. These roads are closed and temporarily transformed into truly amazing racing circuits.

Having already previously used the Temporary Paint product and service by Green Street Media, so they already knew the flexibility of what can be achieved with it. The Temporary Paint product and service GSM offer is sustainable and environmentally friendly, unlike any other solutions on the market. Using industrial airless paint sprayers and large format stencil Green Street Media can create adverts, branding or artwork to any size cost effectively.

CSM Live asked Green Street Media to paint giant adverts on the main corns and pit land for the Julias Bar Formula E Mexico ePrix. The total area of floor space that needed branding was in excess of 5,000 sq/m. The branding needed to installed in a very short period of time (3 days). The GSM team had less than a week to organise artwork, materials, teams and find a way to get large volumes of paint to Mexico cost effectively. This was due to the project being signed off at the very last minute. Many other agency’s would see this task impossible, but this is an example of why Green Street Media are known as leaders in their industry.

Litres of Temporary Paint
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