Founded by The Boston Globe, Harvard University, MIT, and Massachusetts General Hospital, HUBweek showcases, celebrates, and convenes the most inventive minds making an impact in Boston and around the world.

HUBweek was founded by Harvard University, MIT, The Boston Globe and Massachusetts General Hospital. The idea behind HUBweek is to showcase the inventive minds making an impact on today’s world. The team behind HUBweek got in touch with GSM as they needed a solution to paint a listed historic site, while being able to remove the paint after the festival without leaving a trace.

Green Street Media were contracted by HubWEEK to paint giant circles around the perimeter of the main festival and stages. The contracted Green Street Media because of the exclusive Temporary Paint – Removable Paint services that they offer.

The expert GSM painting team travelled to Boston, Massachusetts to install the giant temporary painted artwork. The installation team only had a few days to install and had to work around other crews that where setting up the stages and lighting for the festival.

Below is a timelapse of the start to finish of the HUBweek festival being set up, the main HUBweek festival and the clean up. You can see the giant temporary paintings being painted and then removed after the festival!