Clean Advertising: Adverts on the UK’s busiest high streets

You may have heard about the offline advertising phenomenon that is taking the UK by storm. Clean Advertising is a new sustainable and environmentally friendly form of advertising that allows you to get a message across to millions for an extremely low cost. If you have not yet heard about Clean Advertising (otherwise known as Reverse Graffiti, Clean Graffiti, Green Graffiti and Jetwash Advertising) then your business is missing out.


What are ‘Clean Adverts’, and where can they be placed?

Green Street Media (GSM) create clean adverts using the worlds most powerful jet washers, a stencil, rainwater. Cleaning the dirt from the dirty street using the stencil and a jet washer produces clean impressions otherwise known as clean adverts on the floor (sometimes also on vertical walls depending on the clean advertising campaign they are undertaking).

Clean Adverts can be placed on any dirty street in theory. GSM will only install clean adverts on private land with the owners permission and on any public street with as much public authority that can be gained. If public authority can not be gained they are not scared to place adverts anyway.

As Green Street Media are simply cleaning the street there is no law in place that stops them from placing clean adverts. Some councils try to see the work undertaken as graffiti, but as they are only removing dirt to leave a clean impression it does not count under any of the many graffiti laws.

Unlike other Clean Advertising companies, GSM take full responsibility for every single clean advert they place. This is because they have years of experience in the industry and know exactly where they can and can not get away with placing the adverts.


How effective is Clean Advertising?

Clean Advertising has become the most effective out-of-home form of offline marketing. If you think how many people walk down high streets each day the number is phenomenal. The biggest advantageĀ of Clean Advertising is how targeted the campaigns can be. A good example of this is the Reverse Graffiti campaign GSM did for the phone provider o2. Green Street Media placed advertisements outside of all of o2’s competitors stores across 13 different cities over the Christmas period. This campaign was so effective that every one of the o2 stores in the 13 cities had record sales.

Another great example of clean adverts being placed in order to capture a rivals audience is the Clean Advertising campaign that GSM did this year for the UK’s largest dance music festival, Creamfields. GSM placed a number of clean impressions outside the gates of rival festival Parklife. The adverts were sneakily cleaned into the streets the night before Parklife opened its doors to the many thousand revilers.


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